You love to have fun with your dog!  Playing, training, relaxing! And you love to treat him!  But, you want to make healthy choices for him. 

With so many recalls and so many disturbing reports about jerky treats and Chinese treats, it's confusing.  And then there are the carb-filled treats loaded with dyes, artificial flavorings and preservatives, such a hard decision! 

Relax!  We are here to help! 

We care about your dog!  We want only the best, healthiest and happiest life for your pet!  And part of that happy life is a healthy diet.  You can count on us to provide wholesome, natural, good for your products.  

We don't add any artificial preservatives, dyes, flavorings to ANY of our products!  And our NubOnubs are no exception.  

NubOnubs Beefy Treats are freeze-dried beefy treats made from beef muscle and organ meats with no carbs and nothing synthetic or artificial. NubOnubs Green Tripe Treats are freeze-dried green tripe treats, made from green tripe of course...and nothing harmful or artificial. 

NubOnubs are terrific training treats!  You can use them right out of the bag or cut them up into even smaller treats for your little dog.  Because they are simply freeze-dried beef and tripe, you can use LOTS of them while training your dog and not worry you will spoil their appetite.  If they don't eat their dinner, they have already eaten high quality, meat, so no worries!  

So open that bag of nubs and start treating your pup to some NubOnub Love!