How To Feed Dinovite To Finicky Pets

Remember, unlike humans, dogs and cats eat predominately by memory. They file scents away as "food" or "not food." Finding any hesitation may not be a discerning palette but a hard memory that we just need to take our time to retrain in the supplement.

It's really important that you make a healthy decision for your pet and not allow them to make that decision.  And it's also important for them to realize that your kitchen is not a restaurant.

Dogs and cats, like children, will not starve themselves.  They will eat what is given to them when choices are not given. This is a natural instinct that always kicks in.

Dogs & cats are creatures of habit so sometimes adding things to their food can cause them to reject the food until they are used to the smell. This is normal and not a problem. There are a couple of ways around it.

First, try putting a small amount, just a pea-sized amount or pinch, into the bottom of the food bowl and then put your pet's food on top. Allow him to eat down to it daily for a couple of weeks. This will help acclimate him to the new smell in his food. Over time, increase the amount.

For Tough Cases

Try adding a bit of LickOChops™ Omega Fatty Acid supplement to your dog or cat's diet!

You can add Dinovite nutritional supplements to plain yogurt, cottage cheese, canned tuna/chicken or wet food as well, and feed it as a treat. CLICK HERE to watch Finicky eater videos.

  • Tip: Remember, serve your pet's meal with confidence and love. Pet's can read simple body language. You must convey to your pet that the food is safe to eat and that you fully approve of them eating this new addition to their diet. Dogs and cats can pick up on a negative vibe. Be excited because you know, consumption is the key to the amazing benefits your pet will reap when eating Dinovite nutritional products!