Your dog or cat starts itching, licking, digging...all day and all NIGHT!  His ears may be goopy and stinky.  His fur gets thin, sheds CONSTANTLY and may even fall out in patches.  The stink, well, you know it when you walk in the door!  So, you head to the vet!

Then it begins - the steroids, shots, creams, pills, medicated shampoos to the tune of $200+. That's just the first visit.  Now, you are three years and $2000 into the cycle.  Your wallet is thinner and so is your pet's coat!  Nothing really has changed except that MAYBE the symptoms let up a bit right after the shot, cream, pill.  All your companion does is itch, lick, dig and stink!  No more fun romps in the park. No more sitting together on the sofa watching your favorite Lassie reruns. And heaven forbid actually taking your dog in your car!

Sound Familiar?

Why are you actually at this point with your pet?  There's simply one reason.  Misdiagnosis! A nutritional deficiency cannot be cured using medications!

Not Working?

If all the shots, pills and medicated shampoos aren't actually working, there's a good chance it's a nutritional deficiency!

Makes sense, doesn't it?  You feed the same commercial, highly processed, heat processed food for months, even years.  Even if you switch foods, the symptoms lessen, but then return.  Of course there would be gaps in your pet's nutrition! Because heat processing actually destroys and kills nutrients required by your pet, where would he get these required building blocks for good health, strong immune system, strong digestive tract, healthy skin and coat?  The truth is, he's not.

So, where do you start?  Eliminate the nutritional gaps -> eliminate the nutrition deficiencies -> eliminate the nutrition deficiency symptoms!  Now THAT'S the cycle you should be aiming for!

1. Feed A Meat Based Diet:

Whether you are using a commercial pet food, making homemade food or feeding a raw diet, the main foundation of your pet's diet should be meat. Check the ingredients in the commercial food and make sure the first ingredient is meat and that meat is listed again in the next 2 or 3 ingredients.

2. Eliminate Carbohydrates/Grains:

Dogs and cats are carnivores. They do not actually have a requirement for grains in their diet. However, most commercial foods and treats are loaded with carbs/grains. Once you have minimized the carbs in your pet's food, check your pet's treats. You know those meat and bone shaped biscuits? Most of them are simply meat-flavored corn! Feed a meaty treat instead!

3. Build On The Meaty Diet:

You may be feeding an expensive, meaty diet but still may be leaving nutritional gaps in your pet's diet. The pet food industry's definition of "complete" and the true definition of "complete" for your pet may be two very different things. Even a raw or homemade diet may be lacking because of the state of our soils and what is being fed to commercially farmed animals. Giving your pet a quality, whole food supplement to compliment their meaty diet is a great way to assure your pet is getting all those required and delicate nutrients that he may be lacking. Just like in our diets. It's a hard task to make sure all the nutritional bases are covered every single day, so adding that quality supplement for dogs or that quality supplement for cats is a simple solution!

4. Stop Using Skin Irritants:

Have you looked closely at the shampoo you use on your pet? What about those "pet wipes" that claim they keep your pet "fresh" between baths? Most pet shampoos and wipes are loaded up with chemicals like chlorine and synthetic fragrances that actually irritate your pet's skin! Even those "medicated" shampoos contain chemicals, fragrances and dyes that only add to your pet's itching problems! Opt for an all-natural, shampoo that contains ingredients you can actually pronounce! Therapeutic grade Essential Oils direct from medicinal plants contain natural soothing and healing properties and can actually help heal your pet's skin without leaving chemical residue behind. The smell of these oils lingers long enough that you won't need to "freshen" your pet between baths! (Essential Oils should not be used on cats.)

5.Exercise And Play Time:

Fresh air and sunshine are two ingredients that just can't be bottled and sold...or you'd find it in our store! Walking, running, romping or just getting outside and moving, benefits both you and your pet! Take a few minutes every day to let your pet know that he's important to you!