We all know that a strong immune system and healthy digestive tract adds to optimum health in ourselves as well as our pets. These areas of your pet's health affect skin, coat, ears, paws, bowels, just about everything in your pet's body.

The nutrients in Dinovite support immune and digestive function, giving your dog or cat the things he needs to lead a happy, satisfying, fulfilling life! He's going to want to show off his shiny coat!

One-Two Punch

The One-Two Punch of nutrition from Dinovite - Dinovite PLUS LickOchops!  Your dog and cat are gonna love it...and so are you!

  • Dinovite for Dogs and Dinovite for Cats are a unique formulations!  These supplements are loaded with so-much-goodness things that can't take heat processing, heat extrusion, heat canning, things that your dog and cat are just not getting elsewhere!  Vitamins, 70+ trace minerals, beneficial bacteria (direct fed microbials), enzymes, omega fatty acids and MORE.
  • LickOchops is a tasty gravy treat loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids plus Natural Source Vitamin E.  There's nothing like it...and your pet's coat and skin will glow!
  • The One-Two Punch of nutrients in Dinovite + LickOchops works from the inside out to support your pet's skin, coat, immune system, digestive tract function.  So 90-days from now, your dog or cat could be the happiest he's ever been and so will you!

NOTE:  If you are using SuprOmega with Dinovite for Dogs or Dinovite for Cats, simply follow these same directions, using it in place of LickOchops.

 Easy To Feed And Great For Your Dog and Cat!

  1. Add one scoop of Dinovite.
  2. Add a bit of water... ...and mix.
  3. Wait 5 minutes...Drizzle with LickOchops sand Serve!