A Little Background

My husband and I have been dog owners all our lives.  We were both raised in homes with dogs (and various other interesting pets).  The first “gift” Ed ever gave me when we were dating was a fuzzy pound puppy!  I named him Eddie, after Ed, as he pee’d in his car on the way home! The first thing we did once we were married and living in a house, was to buy a dog; this time a sweet Doberman puppy we named Dave, who became best friends with Eddie.

Throughout this time, college and early married life, we barely knew what was healthy for us to eat, let alone our dogs, so we fed them commercial pet food;  and, as I’m sure I never read a dog food label back then, it was whatever we could afford…which again, I'm sure, was garbage!

Fast forward…then came children and additional moves to additional homes in additional states… We were owners of a company called “American Reptile”.  We bred rare reptiles.  We also distributed rare and beautiful reptiles to 50+ pet stores in Cincinnati, Lexington and Louisville.  One of our best sellers were beautiful, farm raised young iguanas.  However they were pretty rough when we got them.  So we would worm them and house them in a healthy environment and Ed, who had confiscated my food processor, would mix up this powder that he would then dampen, make into tiny marble sized balls and feed to the baby iguanas. He had been a herpetologist for many years, keeping literally thousands of reptiles so this was nothing new to him. This “whole food” (NutriGrow Iguana Diet) made them super stars!  They were healthy, energetic, bright-eyed and gorgeous!  They grew like crazy, had terrific muscle tone, no joint issues, perfect skin. The pet stores wanted them AND they wanted the food.  So we packaged it and distributed it as well.  In fact, we had the first ever iguana diet offered commercially in pet stores. And, eventually, we sold our products throughout the east coast, up north to New England and as far south as Georgia and Florida.  This was well before the internet.

Fast forward again… American Reptile was sold to a California based company. Dogs, we had always had them.  We had actually been doing dog training for years.  So, why not do what we love?  We began breeding, training and showing and our family was truly enjoying it. However, we found that commercial pet foods just weren't keeping our dogs in good shape.  We dealt with itching, yeast, stinky skin, ear issues and certainly did not want to simply throw medications at these issues, which we knew were nutritional issues.  So, we began feeding a raw diet and alleviated many of the issues but still some persisted.  Ed began mixing up his whole foods and supplements again, based on many years of researching nutrition and whole food nutrients.

Thus, Dinovite was born! Today Dinovite's goal is to provide your dogs and cats with optimum nutrition and the highest quality vitamins and minerals to ensure they have a healthy skin, coat and immune system!