We're Here To Help You...Help Your Pet!

If you have never called Dinovite on the phone, then you may not realize that this is the first thing you hear after the "Hello"!  And, it's Ed's voice!

  • Dinovite is a web based company but we are really just a bunch of people who have a heart for people and for pets! 

Back in the 90s, Ed and I owned a pet products company called American Reptile.  The internet was not a factor in doing business then.  We sold to distributors, who sold to wholesalers, who sold to retailers, who sold to customers.  That was really the only way of getting your products out there into the customer's hands.  We were very disconnected from our customers and LOVED when we had the opportunity to meet a customer face to face!

When we started this company, we had no idea how widespread and powerful the internet had become!  In 2001, we geared up to sell our products to family and friends directly and to distributors, who would sell to wholesalers, who would sell to retailers, who would sell to YOU!  But, what we found is that over the internet, we could sell directly to YOU!

I can't tell you how excited we were (and still are) to be able to work with our customers directly!  For almost 5 years, Ed and I managed and grew our company (with the help of our elementary and middle school kids), which consisted of answering all the emails (a couple hundred daily), answering all the phone calls (starting at 6:30 a.m. and going through well after 11:00 p.m.), making product, packaging product, shipping product (entering all the shipping labels by hand), designing/constructing/maintaining the website and shopping cart.  We grew and grew and grew...until we just couldn't do it by ourselves.  So we hired our friends and their kids and we hired our friends' friends.  Now they help do all these things!

But even as we are over 10 years into this adventure and many incredible, cutting-edge products have been developed and brought to market...

...my favorite part of this company is YOU, our customer!

I still take phone calls, answer emails and work pet expos and pet adoption fairs to meet our customers!  You have great pets, great stories and such good hearts!

We love taking your calls and answering your emails.  What sets us apart is our love for people and pets.  We WANT your pet to be the healthiest, happiest he can be!  Your goal for your pet is our goal for your pet...and we really do want to help you get there!

Bottom line, we are a growing internet based company with a human face (and voice)...and we want to help you help your pet!