I just wanted to apologize to you.  In March, I ordered Dinovite and gave to my dog for 90 days and didn't think it was really working after the 90 days so asked for a refund which you guaranteed and graciously followed through on.

Low and behold, after my Boxer was completely off the Dinovite, I could see how much it WAS indeed helping him.  So today, I went back onto your website and ordered another box and am going to continue to give to him beyond the 90 days to see if the balding patch on his lower back will indeed fully have hair growth back. I am not going to be so quick to give up on your product as I truly believe it was cutting back on his scratching and am sorry that it took my taking him off to really realize that being on Dinovite was actually helping him.

I am an individual that can fess up to being wrong so wanted to let you know that I am sorry and am going to give your product a longer amount of time beyond the 90 days to see continued progress in my Boxer.


Kimberly M. :)