I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that my Shih Tzu, "Mai Toi", was never really interested in eating, other than the occasional egg or chicken I made to add to her food. Toi was known as Princess Persnickety.

She had a tendency to itch her ears and rear and every place in between. Toi's face and paws had a funky, yeast-like smell. I've seen your commercials and thought, maybe, just maybe, I'll try DinOvite. 

At first, Mai Toi had no interest in ANY of the product line. Slowly, she started to eat once a day.

Now?? What a difference!! She eats! She eats as a little dog should! She would only eat 1/2 cup a day. She's up to 1/2 cup twice a day and I don't have to add ANYTHING but the DinOvite!! I have noticed in 12 days, Toi's itching has lessened and her stink face (that caused my stank face) is dissipating. She wants to play more, her eyes have a sparkle and her overall demeanor is amazing. She KNOWS she's a "Pretty Girl".

I have recommended DinOvite to my father in law for his German Shepherd, my friend, for her 2 rescue dogs and, and, and. I could be a spokesperson, I recommend your products so much!!

THANK YOU for helping me help my dog!! (I would add a pic but I think Toi thinks a picture would steal her soul)


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