Dinovite GOAL: Double check the daily routine. Stay on track & be persistent. 

At this point, you should be about a month or so into your Dinovite journey. Are you seeing any improvements? Sometimes these show up first in behavioral differences that show you that your dog is feeling better, getting healthier. There may be more pep in your dog's step. Your buddy may even want to join you on your daily walk.

What if you're not seeing changes? Is your pet shedding or scratching more? Does it feel like you are taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps backward? Don't panic, this is where your buddy should be in their journey. 

Your pet may even start to purge at right about now. If your pet has yeast, this could be purging out of your pet's body right now. CLICK HERE to read more about yeast purging.

If your pet is in the middle of a purge, a bath with a gentle shampoo can provide relief. Washing away the irritants on your dog's skin can provide fast relief.

Always keep in mind, your pet will only reap the benefits of Dinovite if you are using Dinovite products as instructed. 

Here are some very important points to staying on the track for success: 

   You're feeding a meaty pet food or homemade pet food. If your pet has yeast overgrowth symptoms, you've eliminated carbs, grains, fillers, etc. and are feeding a diet to starve the yeast overgrowth.
•  You're adding Dinovite Liquid daily to your pet's food. If your pet started out as a miserable mess, you are doubling up his Dinovite until the issues are gone, as recommended on the box.
•  You have stopped using chemical shampoos, loaded with dyes,  artificial fragrances, and other skin irritants.  (Hopefully, you are using natural, soothing DogOsuds instead.)
•  You have evaluated your pet's treats and have eliminated ingredients like corn, wheat, dyes, preservatives, propylene glycol, artificial flavorings.  (Hoping you have chosen NubOnubs instead.)
•  You're adding an omega fatty acid supplement, like LickOchops or SuprOmega, an added boost for skin and coat.
• Questions? Concerns? Need help with anythingStay in touch! Never hesitate to ask for help or let us know how your buddy is doing.
Call us: 859.428.1000 or Email us: customersupport@dinovite.com 

Making Bath Time Fun with Your Dog 
It may sound silly to explain how to wash a dog, but for many first-time dog owners or owners looking to save a few dollars, this is a question of care that needs to be answered.

You can wash your dog! Yes, YOU! We have covered some of the very basics and also some really helpful tips to success.

WHEN do I bath my dog? This is the million dollar question. Here is the million dollar answer! Whenever your dog needs a bath! Duh! No joking aside, it is best to bathe our pets whenever they are dirty, stinky or when they have minor skin irritations. Using a natural & gentle shampoo like DogOsuds, feel free to bathe your pet as often as once a week if necessary.

Now that we have covered a few of the key areas of this task, let's get down to business... Click Here for 6 easy step to a squeaky clean dog!
Do you Read Shampoo Labels?

Something as simple as shampoo should be just that, simple and soothing. A dog has sensitive skin and when it is damaged, it is even more fragile.

Here at Dinovite, we use the highest quality, organic saponified oils as the base for our DogOsuds shampoos. To this, we add therapeutic grade essential oils specifically chosen for their therapeutic and healing properties. We do not add "fragrances" or "aromatherapy grade" essential oils.

and its wonderful therapeutic essential oils could be a great tool to bring soothing comfort to a miserable pet. A combination of beneficial oils for the skin and coat that also do double duty as a natural pest repellant.

Read More
on what makes DogOsuds so special...

Now that you know how special DogOsuds are compared to other dog shampoos on the market, how do you make the choice of what DogOsuds would be the most beneficial for your pet's need? Read More about how to pick your favorite DogOsuds.

Special Note: Only the Unscented variety of DogOsuds is suitable for cats. Some studies indicate the possible side effects of essential oils on cats. Don't take any chances with your furry friend! 

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