Dinovite GOAL: Seeing results? Not seeing results? 
Evaluate your progress to this point.

We're here to encourage you to keep going! You are about 1/3 of the way through your supplement and you may be starting to see some positives.
By this point, your dog should be getting 1 full scoop of Dinovite for Dogs supplement each day. If he's not eating the full scoop, he is not getting enough supplement to fully support his immune system. Work your pet to the full scoop per day for best results. Need help doing this? Contact us or give us a call at 859-428-1000.

What changes have you noticed at this point? Softer coat?
Less scratching? If not, let's review a few things...

What Type of food are you feeding along with Dinovite? 

If your dog is on a commercial diet, check the ingredients for carbs and other starches.This will make all the difference. What are the 1st five in ingredients? Remember, the first ingredient needs to be a meat product, following that you ideally need to see 2-3 more meat products. The 1st five ingredients mainly need to be meat based products.

If your dog is still eating a high carb/starch diet, this will affect his overall health and the effectiveness of the supplement. Dinovite fortifies the daily diet of the dog and provides many vitamins and other nutrients. However, Dinovite cannot overcome a poor diet. Run over to Dog Food Advisor to see where your dog's current diet rates. Make the switch now to a better food.

If you want to ensure you are feeding your pet the very best you can, think about going raw. If you can make a basic meatloaf, you can make your dog's own food. It really is super simple and we have tons of experience with helping pet owners making this switch. Click the link to the right for details to going raw.

 What type of shampoo are you using? 

Using various chemically filled shampoos and other topical treatments for fleas, ticks, skin issues etc. can actually make our dog MORE miserable! Why? Because these chemicals get absorbed by the largest organ of the body, THE SKIN.

When these toxic chemicals and pollutants enter the bloodstream, they can cause a lot more harm than the good they are "supposed" to be doing! Swapping your unpronounceable, high dollar wash for a gentle, chemical free, nourishing, alternative that won't break the bank could be your best idea yet!

What type treats are you giving? 

If you're feeding treats, check the ingredients for carbs and other starches, just as you did when checking the food. Don't let crumby treats be something that holds your buddy back from his best self yet!

Basics of a Raw Diet: WHY feed a raw diet?

Cooking destroys the delicate nutrients that our pet's body needs for a strong immune system and a healthy digestive tract. A dog and cat's body needs more than the unspecified "vitamins" provided in dry kibble to support their immune systems so that they can effectively survive their environment. They need active digestive enzymes like bifidobacterium and a host of minerals as well, such as zinc, plus essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6. LickOchops fatty acids supplement is a great way to treat your dog or cat and give them to good fats their body needs!

When you switch to a raw diet, YOU are in control of what your pet eats, not necessarily a company who purchases ingredients from who knows where. You can put together a protein-rich, enzyme-filled, energy giving diet to help provide your pet the longer healthier life he deserves. Read More...

Raw Diet: Myths, Questions, and Answers

Here at Dinovite, we get lots of questions about the raw homemade diet. How does it work? Should I cook the meat? Won't the raw meat make my dog mean? Here are some of our tops questions about the raw homemade dog food.
The Number 1 Question: Will my dog get Salmonella or ill from eating raw meat?

With recalls happening more than we would like, this question is on the top of the list for people considering a switch due to tainted foods. The answer is usually no. If your dog has a healthy, intact immune system, he should be fine. A dog's natural body pH is very acidic and works to kill off offending bacterias. However, if your dog has a rare auto-immune disorder, I would recommend possibly par boiling the meat. Par boiling means dunking the meat into boiling water for about 5 seconds to kill bacteria.

Dogs are carnivores and scavengers, by nature. Dogs have a short digestive tract with strong stomach acids that protect them from getting sick from bacteria on food. This is how a dog can eat garbage and not become deathly ill. Of course, food safety is number one priority when any raw meat. Just be sure you are practicing safe handling, cleaning and bowl washing.

Click Here to read other great questions about feeding a raw diet.

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