Dear Friend:

If anyone would have described this time in our world to me just a year ago...heck, even 6 months ago, I would have said they had been watching too much Sci-fi.  But here we are.  

When I first heard of the Coronavirus, I was in denial. This was something happening on the other side of the world. And if it made it here, it would remain coastal and never make it to my beautiful state of Kentucky,  Kentucky is gorgeous green rolling hills, miles and miles of horse fence, thousands of acres of pasture land, quaint little towns made up of diners and junk shops.  Kentuckians wave at each other as we drive down country roads.  We make meals for new parents and friends recovering from surgeries.  We watch each other's kids on snow days.  We love a good county fair.  We keep bees, grow fruit trees and sip bourbon with just one ice cube.  

We are not the kind to hunker down in our homes without contact with our family, friends and neighbors.  We never miss church.  And we pack the restaurants with our sometimes loud families.  

The Dinovite team is made up of Kentuckians.  We are these people.  No one has worked here less than 4 years and some have been here for 10+.  We are a tight knit group.  We care about each other.  And we care about you, your families and your pets.  

So, when this virus continued to creep closer and closer to us, denial gave way to uncertainty.  Uncertainty led to fear. And it was at that point that I remembered a scripture verse I had memorized years ago, "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear" from 1John 4.  The Lord tells us to turn our focus outward in times of fear.  And cover that fear with acts of love.  

So, in times of uncertainty, in times of fear, choose to love.  Love casts out fear. Love is for a time like this. 

I know we can't get together with those we love and hug them close right now.  But we can still love.  A phone call to check on your neighbor is love.  A meal left on the doorstep of a mom who's home with her kids is love.  A curbside pick up from your local restaurant to help keep them afloat is love.  A story read to your grandkids via Facetime is love. A prayer lifted on behalf of our country's leaders, our state's leaders, our healthcare workers, our sick and our well is love. 

Here at Dinovite, we are choosing cast out fear.  We show up daily with a smile and a sweet word to each other from a distance.  We have moved into separate office spaces and are keeping our distance from one another as an act of love.  We are using the cleaning protocols recommended daily as an act of love.  We are carefully packing your boxes and shipping them to you as an act of love. We are going home and are self isolating as an act of love for each other. 

We understand that this may go on for awhile, and we are committed to show love toward each other and toward you, our customers. 

So, have hope.  Be encouraged. And in this uncertain time, choose love.  Give that pup, kitty or pony some love too.

Blessings from our homes to yours,

Ed and Cindy Lukacevic
Dinovite Inc.