This is a tough question, because every dog or cat is different.  Each has a different history.  Some have multiple issues such as itchy skin, chronic ear issues, paw licking, etc.  Some have one issue such as itching. Some have had issues for years.  Some have just started having issues.  Some have been on steroids, antibiotics, creams, sprays, medicated shampoo for years.  Some have never been on medications. 

Some pets are currently eating a high quality, species appropriate diet.  Some have been on poor quality food their entire lives. 

Some have been rescued out of terrible conditions.  Some have been in wonderful homes for years.

So, as each pet has a different history, each will have its own path to results.

Keep these things in mind that may affect your pet's progress:

  • Steroids and antibiotics are hard on the immune system and digestive tract.  These things may slow things down a bit.
  • Poor quality, high starch/carb food is a poor foundation.  It's important to feed the best diet possible to your pet.
  • The longer your pet has had issues is directly linked to how long it can take to see some things turn around.
  • You must be consistent and persistent in feeding Dinovite to your pet.  You can't expect results if you are not using the products.

Be patient.  Helping your dog or cat achieve health using nutrition is certainly a process worth doing. 


Things may get worse before better as some pets go through a detox or purging of yeast.  This is usually around week 3 through about week 7 or 8 of using Dinovite.  Sometimes your dog may be improving....and then, bam!  You are back to the stinky, itchy, yucky dog you had to start with.

Signs of a yeast die off or a general purging of the system can look like:

    - Heavier shedding

    - More itching

    - Loss of appetite for a meal or two

    - Gooey eye discharge

    - Looser stool

    - More body odor

What is happening to cause this?  Well, keep in mind that systemic yeast means that the yeast that should be contained in your dog's gut tract is now overflowed into his body.  When you start to build his immune system and digestive tract...and some dogs are now on the Carb Free Homemade Dog Food recipe so the yeast is also being starved out...the yeast begins to die off.  This creates toxins in the body, let's call it "dead yeast".  And this has to go somewhere.  So, your dog may purge yeast through his skin, ears, paws, even bowels.  This is the really ugly part of the process, but if you understand WHY it's happening, you also understand that it's a necessary part of the process.  Your dog cannot suddenly be yeast free without a die off and purging of the "dead yeast". 

Hang in there. This part of the journey can be frustrating, but the "bad" has to clear out of the body. It won't last forever, and your pet will be better for this. Offer extra water to your pet and a gentle bath with DogOsuds to wash away the irritation.

Give the products the FULL 90 DAYS to see things turn around.  We actually received an email from a dog owner who thanked us for encouraging her to feed the products until they are gone...for a full 90 days.  Her dog started showing great results around day 85! 

Be consistent, persistent and patient! 

Yeast is the most common issue we hear about in dogs.  And a common response we get to the yeast die off/yeast purge part of the process is that the pet owner saw things getting better for a short time...and now the dog is worse, so "I took him to the vet and the vet told me that he's allergic to Dinovite.  My dog is now on a prescription dog food (usually extremely carb/starch filled) and steroids (or some other medication)."  Keep in mind that for a dog with yeast issues, this is a bandaid.  It's simply a way to mask symptoms to help a pet owner feel better.  This does not resolve the systemic yeast issue.