There are 1450 Tablespoons of Dinovite in each box of Dinovite for Multi Dog Homes. 

A small dog eats approximately 1 TB per day.  A medium dog eats approximately 2 TB per day.  A large dog eats approximately 3 TB per day.  A giant dog eats approximately 4 TB per day.  You will receive 4 scoops, one for each size dog, with your order.

You can determine how long this box will last you based on this information.  For example, 4 medium dogs would eat approximately 8 TB of Dinovite daily, so this box would last about 6 months. 

We recommend storing the bulk amount of Dinovite in your refrigerator or freezer to keep the nutrients fresh, as this size Dinovite will typically last longer than a 90 day box of Dinovite.