Yes!  Dinovite for Dogs can be fed to dogs of all ages.

Feed your dog Dinovite according to their current size.  So, if you have a very small puppy, under 5 lbs., the correct amount of Dinovite would be 1/4-1/2 scoop.  As your puppy grows to about 12 lbs., you can increase the amount of Dinovite to a full scoop of Dinovite for Small Dogs.

If you have a larger breed puppy, you can feed your dog according to his current size.  For example, if your puppy is 30 lbs., then Dinovite for Medium Dogs is the correct size for him.

For senior pets, start off slowly.  Dietary changes can cause digestive upset so start out with a pinch of Dinovite per day and work up using the sticker on the inside the box lid.